By popular demand, the Unenthusiastic Critic's 2022 Halloween Movie Marathon comes to an end with our first viewing of a new horror classic, Zach Cregger's Barbarian (2022), starring Georgina Chapman, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long.

First, this week—inspired by reports of somewhat questionable decisions by Barbarian's protagonist—we're talking about the time-honored tradition of horror-movie characters doing infuriatingly stupid things. Nakea considers herself an expert in how to survive—or, better yet, completely avoid—any horror scenario, so we're looking at some classics in the genre and trying to identify the exact moment when she herself would have made a better decision than the characters in the movie did.

Then, we're sitting down for our first viewing of Cregger's completely bonkers shocker Barbarian. We went in totally unspoiled—which is absolutely the way to see this movie—so if you haven't seen it you're definitely going to want to catch up with Barbarian before you listen to this episode. Then join us as we meticulously unpack every twist, turn, shock, revulsion, and staggeringly dumb-ass decision of one of the most original and least predictable horror movies of the 21st century.


00:00: Prologue, from Barbarian
00:49: Preliminary Conversation: Bad Decisions in Horror Movies
25:51: Original Trailer for Barbarian
31:14: The Verdict: Post-Viewing Discussion
1:03:43: Outro and Next Week's Movie
1:06:12: Outtake

Notes and Links

—Movie Reviewed: Barbarian (dir. Zach Cregger, 20th Century Studios, 2022).
—Links and References: Quoted tweets from @ThornMonkey, @Mitchy_Reid, @AshleyHollabakk, and @Quatiloo.
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