The wonderful thing about being unaffiliated is that no one tells me what to write.

The not-so wonderful thing about being unaffiliated is that no one gives me free DVDs or complimentary passes to movies.

So if you enjoy my reviews—or if you enjoy hating my reviews—and are feeling munificent, please consider using the button below to make a small, secure donation through PayPal.

It'll be your way of saying, "Hey, friend, your next shitty movie is on me!"

And I will be very grateful.


  1. Lauren says:

    Thinking maybe you and The Unenthusiastic Critic might want to see "Lawless" this weekend? I've got high hopes for Labeouf's performance! :)

    1. Thanks SO much for the donation, Lauren: it is truly appreciated—even if it comes with a request that we use it to see a Shia LaBeouf movie. (I wasn't planning on seeing Lawless, but I suppose I can be persuaded, as long as I can talk the Unenthusiastic Critic into it. (She calls him "Shia LaDouche," so it could be a tough sell. On the other hand, she has a little thing for Tom Hardy, so…we'll see.)

      Thanks again for the support!